What is the Vogue Lounge Membership? What does it offer?

Vogue Lounge Inc. is an unique sharing space that offers working spaces for a multitude of beauty services. Our intention is to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for members to work in a beautiful, professional, and comfortable space. Vogue Lounge brings beauty professionals together, across a wide variety of specialities, providing space to be yourself, build your business, and benefit from a creative community. To learn more, view "Our Membership" page.

What's the difference between members and non-members?

We offer exclusive session fees for members at only $8/30 minutes whereas non-members will are offered $19.99/30 minutes. Members can reserve their station directly on our Vogue Lounge App. Nn-members must fill out an application to request a station and time-slot for approval by our customer service team. One of our representative will then confirm your application and reservation by email or phone call.

How can I become a member?

Register today for a 2-week complimentary trial membership when we open. Please see "Our Membership" page and explore "Our Pricing" for more details.

What types of members & businesses does Vogue Lounge support?

Vogue Lounge knows no bounds when it comes to businesses in the beauty society. Our members will be composed of experts & amateurs, artists & technicians, startups & entrepreneurs, full-timers and part-timers -- really anyone and everyone who wishes to work in a beautiful space without having to worry about rent, cleaning services, and hydro.

What is expected from members and their clients at Vogue Lounge?

Member safety and satisfaction is very important to us. Members should always treat one another with respect and are not allowed to misrepresent or make false claims about themselves or their guests within the Vogue Lounge community -- neither in person nor within the Member Network. We do not allow members to use Vogue Lounge facilities and properties for illegal or offenseive activities.


What is the Vogue Lounge App?

Our Vogue Lounge smartphone app is available for iPhones and Androids via the App Store and Google Play. Our app facilitates membership registration, payments & renewal, bookings & cancellations and more.

Do I have to download the App?

Unfortunately, our website currently does not support payments, bookings, and cancellations so all membership renewals, station and session reservations, and membership cancellations will be performed on the App. The Vogue Lounge App is a practical and unique tool for our members to adopt -- it aims to alleviate scheduling stresses so members can focus their energy on their arts and business. Not to mention that members will receive prices and offers availabel ONLY on our App.

What if I don't have a smartphone?


How do I reset my password?

To reset your password on the Vogue Lounge app, please send us an email at or call us at 604-370-9266 for a manual reset. We currently do not have an automatic password retrieval in place. We apologize for the inconvenience.


When is my membership payment taken?

The monthly membership fee is charged automatically on the member's credit card on file on the first of every month. If you are a new member and is currently enjoying your 2-week complimentary trial membership, your official monthly membership will not be drawn until the completion of your 2-week trial. You may cease and cancel your membership during this 2-week period without penalties. If you choose to maintain your membership and join us in our Vogue Lounge community, you will automatically incurr the costs of membership upon the completion of your 2-week trial period. For more details, please visit "Our Membership" > "Our Pricing"

What payment methods do you offer? How do I change and update my payment method?

Payment options will appear on your membership agreement upon registration and differs depending on the city you are in. You can update your payment information directly on our Vogue Lounge App: 1) Login on Vogue Lounge App 2) In the right-bottom corner, select "Account" 3) Select Payment Settings. 4) Select Change Payment Method and proceed with the required steps.

Can I review next month's invoice before it is finalized?

You can see your upcoming booking information on the Vogue Lounge App or by contacting our administration department. This summary will be updated automatically with changes made on your account. Invoices are finalized on the 1st of the following month. The toal amount may change if any overages occur before the end of the month. If you notice an amount on your invoice that you do not think you should be charged for, please contact us at to be directed to the management team.

What statements will appear on my monthly invoice?

Monthly invoices include the membership fee for your qualifications, any discounts or promotions, and service packages you have opted for. You will also see taxes charged (ie. PST & GST). Overage charges from the previous month will also be shown in the current month's invoice.


How do I book studio space for a private event?

Vogue Lounge would love to host you and your guests at your next special event! To reserve the studio, please contact us at or submit a request (can be found on "Our Contact" page.



What is Vogue Lounge's cancellation policy?

Members may cancel their membership at any time, without prior notice, for the following month. Members may do so, easily, on the Vogue Lounge App or send us an email at For example, if today is January 10th and I would like to cancel, my payments would automatically cease from the month of February and so forth. You will not be refunded for the month of January but may continue to enjoy full membership benefits until the end of your paid month.

What if I'm not satisfied with my experience at Vogue Lounge? Can I get a refund for my session fee?

Vogue Lounge currently offers a 2-week complimentary trial wherein, our potential members can experience the full member benefits without paying the membership fee. During this trial, our potential members simply need to pay $8 for every 30 minutes booked. As such, Vogue Lounge will not offer refunds for the session fees unless under special circumstances (ie. double bookings, technical issues etc.). If you believe you should receive compensation, please contact us at


How do I activate and use my reserved station?

If you have reserved a station, you may arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time-slot for preparation. To activate your station, simply scan the QR code at the station with the Vogue Lounge App. Once scanned, the power should turn on immediately.

How do I connect to the WiFi?

The following Operating Systems are supported in desktop, laptop and mobile versions: Windows MacOS iOS Android/Chrome Some consumer devises are not supported on the VogueLoungeWiFi network. If you need further assistance, please submit a support request or spaek with a manager onsite.

Which wireless network should visitors use?

Visitors are welcome to join VogueLoungeGuest.